HK Occupational Retirement Scheme


This offering is based around a Registered and tax-recognised Occupational Retirement Scheme within Hong Kong (ORS), designed to pension your current and historic earned income, no matter who you work for, or where in the world you work.
Combining the use of a Discretionary Trust with HK's legal and tax recognition provides benefits which are far greater than the sum of its parts.
You may be a French citizen working for an oil company in the Caucuses, a US citizen working for a hedge fund in the United States, or an owner-operator of a South African business that trades overseas. You may already run your personal financial empire through a family office.
Whatever the level of your financial achievement, if you are currently employed then we can pension your income, protect your assets and provide you with multi-generational estate planning options.

Under Hong Kong law, this scheme is open to all and permits investment into most asset class located anywhere. It also achieves full Capital Gains tax-free roll up throughout its lifetime both in Hong Kong and elsewhere, and, for 28 out of the 33 countries (listed below) with which Hong Kong has established Double Taxation Agreements, retirement income can be paid Income Tax free to residents of those countries.

List of the Hong Kong Double Taxation Avoidance Agreements where the treaty provides income tax freedom on the HK ORS pension income to residents of those countries:

Austria                France               Korea                Malaysia            Romania             UAE

Belarus               Guernsey           Kuwait              Malta                  Russia                United Kingdom

Belgium              Hungary             Latvia                Mexico               Saudi Arabia       Vietnam

Brunei                 Indonsia            Liechtenstein     Netherlands       South Africa

Canada               Ireland              Luxembourg       Pakistan            Switzerland

Czech                 Jersey               Mainland China  Qatar                 Thailand


Summary of Key Benefits

  1. Member's privacy, by law in Hong Kong
  2. Complete Capital Gains Tax deferral during accumulation
  3. Income Tax freedom at retirement for the residents of 27 countries
  4. No probate or Inheritance Tax
  5. Provides 100% creditor protection (even in the event of divorce and bankruptcy)
  6. Scheme is OECD-recognised, being regulated by the Mandatory Provident Fund Schemes Authority of Hong Kong (MPFA) and FATCA compliant