Global Residency and Citizenship by Investment

We can assist you acquire residency or citizenship in another country, in some cases by satisfying an investment criteria, such as purchasing a property. Be that for family, economic, business or privacy reasons, our specialised team can guide you through the entire process, right from the initial discussion to ascertain your requirements and preferred options, to implementation and finally acquiring the desired goal.

A good example that is common with our investors is acquiring EU residency for non-EU nationals, in particular Spain. The Spanish Residency 'Golden Visa' attracts non-EU nationals to get qualified residency permits in return for investing in Spanish real estate, leading to long-term residency if certain conditions are met. With Spanish property prices having crashed into bargain territory and the weakening of the Euro, it also offers some excellent investment opportunities. And the minimum investment amount to be met is EUR 500,000. 

There are other countries within the EU, where the minimum requirement is even less, ie Latvia requires half this amount.

Please contact us to discuss this further.